• Sexy red

    Facetune_06-02-2019-16-24-44 2

    El rojo es un color que siempre me ha fascinado, no hay temporada que no adquiera alguna prenda en ese color, siempre tan sexy y femenino. Este Invierno he colgado en mi armario varias prendas en color rojo, y si tengo que destacar alguna, serían los panta- lones de vinilo. He combinado este pantalón de […]

  • Red vibes


    Dentro de poco tengo que ir a una fiesta de cumpleaños, dos amigos míos que además son pareja cumplen años y celebran una fiesta con un grupo de amigos. El sábado pa- sado aprovechando que no me iba de fin de semana, fui a buscarme un vestido para este evento. No tenía muy claro como […]

  • Red&Black


    If there is a combination that I like much more than black&white this is black&red, red is my favorite andcombined with black color is perfect even a casual look like this, perfect for the office and to go for a coffeewith friends. With the accessories you can add a little extra shine, l choose a […]

  • Red coat


    Hi guys  happy Thursday, tomorrow starts the weekend and I´m happy, well like you.. or not???. This red coat was love at first sight, I was in a store with my friends and when I saw it….. here it is, I loved the color and I  its form dressed with jeans like now or with […]

  • Moving in the red


    How is it going? today I want to talk about those clothes so comfortable that we find in a small stores, and we end up wearing very often, for example this jumpsuit I founded in a little shop in a village, is one of the items to put in my suitcase for my holiday in […]

  • Red shoes & red skirt


    Yesterday was Friday and I was happy because in a few hours started my weekend, Thursday was festive and many people have vacation till Sunday, I couldn´t, maybe next time. My day started very quiet, office work and phone calls, I had a quick lunch and between all this some pictures for the new post. […]