• Presentando Brumacostabrava

    IMG_0055 2

    Definición de bruma: niebla no muy densa que se levanta sobre el mar. Seguro que muchos de vosotros ya la habréis visto, sobretodo si vivís en alguna ciudad o pueblo con mar. Bruma también es el nombre de la nueva marca de Sandra Cambón (el vestidor de Lolas), que además del significado anterior también son […]

  • One street of my city


    Long time I wanted to make a shooting in one of the most beautiful streets of my city, Paseo de Gracia, but for one thing or another I always postponed, until last Wedneday when finally we could do. We had to go fast because at 8.30 the streets begin to fill with people so in […]

  • Fur vest


    Happy Monday guys I hope it´s not too hard, this day isn´t very nice to us and it is best to go fast. Today is my day off and as the cold wants to stay here, what better than my shearling vest to fight against it, has long been in my closet but this season […]

  • White skirt&black shirt


    Back to black and white, who doesn´t like this combination? elegant, feminine  and a lot of adjectives, I don´t know what else to say that you don´t  know already. A black shirt and a white faux fur skirt it is my choice for today, a quiet day with some visits to a client, not bad […]