• Blanco total

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    Será porque se acerca el buen tiempo, será porque todavía me queda bronceado de Marruecos o porque me encanta este color, pero resulta que para este post me apetecía  vestirme de blanco y aquí estoy. La verdad es que el día también me acompañaba, solazo y  una temperatura de 23º.  En realidad no es un […]

  • Rainy day


    And the last Thursday downed cloudy and it was raining a little, but this didn´t stop me to wear my new shoes, I have to tell you that the rain didn´t last long and around 11 in the morning sunshine so I didn´t have to change my shoes. That day my partner and I had […]

  • Drawing old clothes


    Hi guys, it´s true that you can not throw anything away and less basic items of black color, even if they are old because  sometimes combined together you can obtain great looks, as in my case this one I am wearing today. The blazer is 8 years old and possibly it´s the last season that […]